• Date of Birth: September 20th, 1996
  • Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California
  • Now Living: Ventura, California
  • Years Riding: 5 years
  • Started Riding: 10 years old
  • First Bike: Blata 2.6
  • Favorite Bike: Yamaha YZF-R6
  • Favorite Food: Mexican
  • Favorite Music: Rock, Hip Hop
  • Other Interests: Surfing
  • Favorite Pro Rider: Valentino Rossi


My name is Andrew Zabzdyr (pronounced: ZADER) and I am a motorcycle roadracer. For 2013 I will continue racing the CVMA series with a few select dates at AFM. CVMA has changed to a Winter Series and the 2012-2013 season started in September of 2012. Because of this I will be making a mid season bike change and riding my AP MotoArts-TrackDaz-CT Racing Pirelli shod Yamaha YZF-R6 for the remainder of the CVMA 2012-2013 Winter Series beginning with Round 4 in January 2013. In September I will be ready to start the CVMA 2013-2014 Winter Series which will be my first full season on the R6. At CVMA I will be competing in Supersport Middleweight, Formula Middleweight, and the Middleweight Shootout classes. My plan is to develop my skills on the faster R6 while looking to score podium finishes and hold on to the #3 plate.

2012 was a lot of fun as I continued riding for Andy Palmer and the AP MotoArts team. I rode a much faster AP MotoArts SV650 Superbike and it really prepared me for the transition to the Yamaha R6. Racing at Chuckwalla was great and doing track days on the R6 was just pure fun, but the highlight of the year was the trip to Thunderhill with AFM. This was my first time racing there and I really enjoyed the track and taking home 1st in 650 Production and 3rd in 650 Twins wasn't bad either. I'm really excited to be racing the AP MotoArts-TrackDaz-CT Racing Pirelli shod Yamaha YZF-R6 in 2013 and continuing to ride under the guidance of Andy Palmer with the support of the AP MotoArts team and all my great sponsors!


I began racing in March 2007, when I was 10, by taking the Youth Intro course with SCminiGP. It was a fun course where I rode a bike for the very first time. It was a Blata 2.6 pocketbike. After completing the Youth Intro Course my parents bought me my own Blata 2.6 and riding gear. My very first race I went out and crashed on the warm up lap. The EMTs came out to get me and check on my condition. I was ok and a little nervous to race after that first crash, but my parents got me back on the bike and I was glad. That first year was a lot of fun. I raced the Blata Cup with SCminiGP and I made many new friends. I learned a lot about motorcycles racing the 2.6, including how to crash. It was always fun racing and hanging out with my new friends. I finished on the podium the last 2 races of the year.

In 2008 I raced a Blata Elite 14 JR in the Semi-Pro Junior class with SCminiGP. The 14JR is much faster than the 2.6. I practiced in the off season and came out and lead the first race of the year. I was so happy to be doing so well right off the start. Having mastered the Blata 2.6, I spent much of my downtime at the track helping the Blata Cup riders. I would ride with them and show them lines and braking and turning points. It was fun helping other riders get better. I finished 2nd in the Semi-Pro Junior championship and received the SCminiGP Rider Mentor award for helping out the Blata Cup Riders. It was another fun year of racing!

For 2009 I continued racing my Blata 14JR and I stepped up to a 2004 Honda NSR50R. The NSR was a fun bike as I was learning the finer points of shifting and riding a bike with suspension. I continued racing with SCminiGP and SMRRC and both organizations are great. I really enjoy racing with my friends and I hope to continue racing for a long time.

In the 2010 season I rode a Honda RS150R with SCminiGP in the Pro GP and Pro Extreme classes and with WERA West in the Formula 80 class. It was great getting a chance to race on the big tracks at the WERA events. I feel this really prepared me for my next step in my racing career.

2011 was an amazing year. I joined the West Coast GP Cycles Team and with the guidance of Team Owner, Andy Palmer, as my riding coach and mentor I was able to advance my riding and racing skills to a much higher level. This allowed me to show my true potential as a motorcycle racer while having the most fun possible. This was by far my most successful year.

I want to thank my sponsors, my parents, and everyone else who has helped me along the way. I really appreciate their support which allows me to continue doing what I love;
Racing Motorcycles!