Andrew's first race on the RS150R

SCminiGP Race #2 March 20-21, 2010

Andrew had a great start to the year in SCminiGP Race #1 as he took home two wins and two seconds on his Honda NSR50R and NSR65R. That fact made it even more unusual when Andrew showed up to Race #2 without the NSR's and instead had a Honda RS150R. Planning to race a Moriwaki MD250H in 2011, Andrew and his family felt the change to the RS150R would be the best preparation for the Moriwaki.

Having the bike for only 2 weeks with only 2 practice days meant there were no expectations for results. Andrew would just ride the bike and do the best he could and have fun. During Saturday practice and Sunday warm-ups Andrew showed he could run the pace of the other riders as he continually hung with the lead pack.

Having the bike for such a short time meant there wasn't anytime to practice starts and on the bigger 4 stroke that would prove important. It would be an understatement to say that Andrew was a little nervous about the first race weekend on the new bike. In the Pro GP heat, Andrew got a decent start and went into turn 1 in fourth following Aaron Villasenor, Jason Aguilar, and Ben Truslow. He dogged Truslow for most of the race and finally made the move into 3rd before the end of the race. In the Pro Extreme heat Andrew once again went into turn 1 in fourth following the same riders, but this time he couldn't get around Truslow and finished in 4th.

By the time the mains came around, Andrew had a full on case of the butterflies. The heats don't count for points and only determine grid positions for the main. Gridding up in 3rd for Pro GP Andrew was hopeful of a good start and he got it getting into turn 1 in 3rd behind Jason Aguilar and Ben Truslow with Aaron Villasenor on his tail. By lap 2 the more experienced Villasenor got past Andrew on his way to the front and the eventual win. By lap 4, Andrew showed he wasn't content to sit in the back of the front pack and was setting up Truslow for a pass when Truslow low sided right in front of him. Bike and rider split and Andrew hard on the brakes had a clean path between them. With Villasenor and Aguilar out of touch and the rest of the riders a fair distance behind Andrew brought his RS150R home in 3rd.

It was a long wait between Pro GP and Pro Extreme and this gave Andrew time to relax with his friends, Aaron Villasenor and Jason Aguilar. This proved good for Andrew as he was ready to go when Pro Extreme came around. Gridding up in 4th, the butterflies were gone and Andrew was ready to race. He got into turn 1 again in 4th behind Villasenor, Aguilar, and Truslow, but looking like a more aggressive rider. He sized up Truslow for 2 laps then made his move. This time the front 4 were hanging close together, so Andrew immediately went to work on Aguilar. Wheel to wheel Andrew just couldn't get the pass done on the more experienced rider. On lap 5 Truslow high sided while setting Andrew up for a pass and this brought out the red flag. Fortunately Truslow was ok, but he wasn't able to restart. On the restart it was Villasenor, Aguilar, and Andrew into turn 1 and for 3 laps it was more of the same as Andrew kept looking for a way around Aguilar. On the last lap Andrew made a run to the finish line, but was just short and took home 3rd.

Andrew would like to thank: Youth Road Racing USA, Next Moto Champion, Scorpion USA, Tayo Motors, Rooster Racing, SaferMoto, Impact Armor, Cycle Gear, Chicken Hawk Racing, Vortex Racing, Spider Grips, Mom & Dad, Paul & Tayo Grasham, Josiah Taulbee, Ivan Alonso, and Deshon Witherspoon for parting with the bike.

Up next: Andrew is off to the big track for the first time racing WERA West Mini's at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, April 3-4.