Andrew Continues Winning at WERA!

Lucas Oils WERA West Race #3 April 2-3, 2011 at Las Vegas, NV

After a huge weekend at the inaugural Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association event where Andrew, mounted on his West Coast GP Cycles Supersport spec CT Racing/Pirelli-shod SV650, took a double win in the Lightweight Twins Supersport class he was ready to continue his chase for the WERA Lightweight Twins Superstock championship. Andrew was only 5 points behind the leader and ready to close the gap.

On Saturday Andrew's only race was the Lightweight Solo 20. Andrew got a good start, but it wasn't long before he started struggling with rear grip. He did his best to bring it home in 7th, clearly frustrated with what could have been a podium finish. After the race they inspected the bike and found out the rear tire was completely worn on the right edge and should have been changed before the race.

The outlook for Sunday was much better. A new rear tire mounted on the bike and Andrew's confidence was high as he prepared for his feature race, Lightweight Twins Superstock. Andrew got a good start exiting turn 1 in 3rd, but quickly made the move to first as he dove into turn 2. Andrew put his head down and started pushing to get a quick gap on the field, but current points leader Stephen Foreman had other ideas and didn't let Andrew get away. Andrew held Foreman off until lap 3. On lap 4 Andrew setup a pass coming on the front straight, but didn't get the pass completed before the line. Andrew continued to follow Foreman and on lap 5 changed his line through the last turn and was able to make the pass before the line. Now in the lead Andrew knew he would be in a better spot to win if he was in 2nd coming onto the front straight so he let Forman by in turn 7 and then set him up through 8 and 9 getting a huge drive out of 9 and winning it at the line! This puts Andrew only 2 points behind Foreman in the championship.

In Lightweight Twins Superbike Andrew was again ready for a fight, but he got a horrible start wheeling off the line. This left Andrew in last by turn 1, but that didn't stop him from charging through the pack and putting down a personal best time of 1:26.1. Andrew finished a respectable 6th.

The last race of the day was Formula 2 where Andrew was matched up against the 2 stoke 125s and hot rod Moriwakis. Determined to make better on the start Andrew blasted off the line and got the hole shot from the 2nd row. He knew the field would be right behind him so he immediately went to work. He lost the lead in the first lap, but was able to hold on to 2nd until lap 4. Andrew kept charging on in 3rd, but slid back to 4th by the end of the race. Considering the competition Andrew was up against 4th was a good finish and a good end to a great weekend of racing.

Andrew's next race: Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association, April 16-17, 2011

Andrew would like to thank his sponsors, family and friends including:

Andy Palmer and the entire West Coast GP Cycles team, Dustin Coyner and Trackdaz, Chris and Corey at CT Racing, Youth Road Racing USA, Next Moto Champion, Scorpion USA, SaferMoto, Motul, Woodcraft, Cycle Gear, Race Tech, NJK Leathers, Catalyst Racing Composites, Group 22, Loyal Coaching, Driven, MC Pro Design, Andrews Powder Coating, Stephen Ludwig and Josiah Taulbee.