Andrew Does It Again at Chuckwalla!

CVMA Race #2 April 16-17, 2011 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway

Andrew got a one week break following his big weekend at WERA West Round 3 in Las Vegas where he took his West Coast GP Cycles Superstock spec CT Racing/Pirelli-shod SV650 to the win in a heated battle that came down to a close run to the checkered flag.

The weather report for the 2nd round of the Chuckwalla Valley Motorcycle Association was for clear skies and temps in the high 90's. The weather reporters definitely got it right this time making for some great racing throughout the weekend.

The weekend started out with Friday practice with Trackdaz. This was another good day for Andrew with plenty of track time to work on the similarly paced counter-clockwise layout. Andrew was immediately comfortable in this direction and found it to be his favorite.

On Saturday Andrew's first race was Supersport Twins. It was a reasonably uneventful race for Andrew as he went flag to flag for the win. Next up was Formula Twins where Andrew would be up against the fully modified bikes with his stock machine. Andrew got off the line in 3rd and hung with the leaders as they were in a heated battle trading paint and swapping spots turn after turn. Andrew stayed close looking for an opportunity to get in the fight, but as the laps wore on the leaders sorted it out and pulled a small gap on Andrew leaving him to finish 3rd well ahead of the rest of the pack. Andrew was very happy with this result and he felt he learned a few things he could use in the race on Sunday.

In the Lightweight Team Challenge Andrew was again teamed up with Dustin Coyner for the hour long race. Andrew took the first stint and pulled a gap over the 2nd place team, but Dustin struggled with mechanical problems and while he did his absolute best to hold on to the lead he slipped back to 2nd. Still a good finish to a great day of racing.

Andrew hit the Sunday morning warm ups looking smooth and very comfortable. Confidence was high and he was ready to race. First up was Formula Twins. Andrew got a good start in 3rd, but quickly moved into 2nd to make sure the leader didn't gap him. It was a seesaw battle as Andrew would lose ground in the straights, but gain it back in turns. By mid race another rider had come up to join the battle and got around Andrew and then took the lead. Andrew wasn't going to let him go so he made a daring pass for 2nd diving up the inside of turn 15. They stayed side by side through 16 and 17, but Andrew was able to get the lead and hold it on the straight as they took the white flag. Andrew knew he needed to go deep into 1 and braked as late as possible, but the other rider went even deeper getting under Andrew and running him wide at the exit. The battle wasn't over as Andrew stalked him the entire lap until the other rider ran wide in the double left turns 11 and 12. Andrew knew it was his chance as he took the inside and held his ground barely getting the lead heading into 13 and holding it through 14 all while preparing for a challenge into 15, but the other rider wasn't able to match Andrew's pace and took a small excursion off track leaving Andrew to finish 2nd not far off the leader. While 2nd place was a great finish it was the extremely fast lap time of 1:57.3 on his stock bike that was the most impressive.

With only a 1 race break before the Lightweight Shootout, Andrew quickly took in some fluids and a snack. Andrew was gridded 2nd and got off the line with the leader, but lost touch and rode a smart race leaving the rest of the pack behind until lap 4 when Andrew came over the hill in turn 9 and saw a huge cloud of dust and a red flag ending the race. As he would find out, it was the leader who had crashed out handing the win to Andrew.

It was another successful weekend of racing as Andrew progressed as a rider and had a bunch of fun while doing it!

Andrew's next race: Andrew was scheduled to race WERA West Round 4 April 23-24 at Buttonwillow Raceway in Buttonwillow, CA, but he suffered a broken arm during a bicycling accident just days before the event and wasn't fit to race. The doctors currently think Andrew will have the cast off and be ready to ride at CVMA Round 3 May 28-29 at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway.

Andrew would like to thank his sponsors, family and friends including:

Andy Palmer and the entire West Coast GP Cycles team, Dustin Coyner and Trackdaz, Chris and Corey at CT Racing, Youth Road Racing USA, Next Moto Champion, Scorpion USA, SaferMoto, Motul, Woodcraft, Cycle Gear, Race Tech, NJK Leathers, Catalyst Racing Composites, Group 22, Loyal Coaching, Driven, MC Pro Design, Andrews Powder Coating, Stephen Ludwig and Josiah Taulbee.